This page highlights some history of the involvement of Ukrainian Baptist young people, mostly in the United States.

Youth -- Молодь

A group of young people from the Ukrainian Baptist Church of Chicago went caroling to members' homes in 1973.

Ocela (Оселя) photos

This is the youth group at the First Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church of Philadelphia when the congregation met in the building on Erie Street.

A group of young people from the Ukrainian Baptist Church of Chicago gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Skula (Шкула) in Berwyn, Illinois, probably in 1950 or 1951. (Thanks to Kay Stepaniuk for providing this photo.)

A magazine called "Youth for Christ" (Молодь для Христа, обіжник Української Євангельсько-Баптистської Молоді в С.Ш.А.) was printed in the Ukrainian and English languages. The cover at left is the May 1963 edition (No. 16, 20 pages). The secretary was Michael Jakubovich of Chicago. The editor was Wolodymyr Tarnakow of Hartford, Connecticut. Included was an article about the youth group in Newark, New Jersey, written by Kатруся П'ятночка, secretary of the group. The leader was Brother Я. Мельник and the treasurer was Sister Г. Чикалюк. The pastor was Volodymyr Domashovetz. A string ensemble or youth representatives visited churches in Hartford, Pittsburgh, Crum Lynne, Chester and Philadelphia on various occasions, such as Thanksgiving, baptism and New Year's. Previously, a full-size newsletter was mimeographed. Issue #3 in December 1958 was three pages of Ukrainian-language text. A report about the 1958 annual conference was written by Оля Кононова. She listed the youth committee elected to a one-year term: М. Теслюк, голова; Ол. Перехрест, заступник; Катя Білецька, секретар; Марійка Паньченко, заступник; М. Возьний, скарбник; Б. Жабко-Потапович, заступник; Ів. Гентош, член; і брат Конюх, заступник. Several paragraphs were written by an outgoing officer, Тамара Корнійчук, who urged cooperation with the new committee and also thanked the young people for their wedding gift.

An 11-page newsletter was issued in May 1961. Listed as the officers were: О. Перехрест, голова; А. Беркута, заступник голови; М. Якубович, секретар; В. Перехрест, заступник секретаря; М. Репіч, скарбник; Л. Котляр, заступник скарбника; О. Кононова, член комітету; М. Якубович, редактор "Обіжника Молоді"; В. Перехрест, заступник, редактора.
The youth bulletin was renewed using a full-page format (8.5 by 11 inches) with the issue of October - December 1967. The editor was Mike Jakubovich. The technical and art editor was Lydia Gaponiuk. The associate editors were Alex Harbuziuk and Bill Halycz. An article mentioned that the youth officers elected in Chicago on September 2 were president Michael Jakubovich, vice president Bill Halycz, secretary Lydia Gaponiuk, assistant secretary Lydia Smak, treasurer Michael Ripitch, assistant treasurer Pablo Pasiecznik and member Leon Katerynchuk. The "News from..." section included Chicago, Milwaukee, Newark, Philadelphia and Burlingame. A smaller format (7 by 8.5 inches) was evident for the July -September 1975 issue (33 pages). The staff was executive editor Lydia Gaponiuk, Ukrainian editor Viera Wlasiuk, associate editor Walter Polowczak and proofreaders Lydia Wolot and Alex Harbuziuk. Local church reps were Ursula Wlasiuk of Minneapolis, Mike Firman of San Mateo, Mike Gordon of Maine, Ben Stroich of Detroit, Werner Sawa of Milwaukee, Wanda Iwaszkow of Philadelphia, Helen Marychuk of Hartford, Esther Zubyk of Los Angeles, Natalie Duss of New York, Igor Domashovetz of Irvington, Debi Perekrest of Cleveland and Luba Harbuziuk of Chicago. The national young people's committee consisted of president Bill Halycz, vice president John Mesyk, secretary Nadia Halycz, assistant secretary Eileen Duss, treasurer Wanda Iwaszkow, assistant treasurer Wayne Harbuziuk and member Nelson Batycki.

 Horizons (Горизонти), the bulletin of the All-Ukrainian Ev. Baptist Fellowship, was printed in three languages in the 1986 edition -- Spanish as well as English and Ukrainian, because it also was distributed in South America. The president of the youth fellowship at the time was Rev. Avdiy Chripczuk.

During the 11th annual conference of the UEBC, which was held at the Ukrainian Baptist Church in Chester, Pennsylvania on August 30 and 31, 1957, some young people gathered in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bartkow for some fellowship. The youth leader was Rev. Michael Tesluk, who is kneeling in the middle of the group. (Photo copied from "Mission News" brochure, September 1957)

This is the cover of the first edition of the merged publications of "Horizons," sponsored by the All-Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Youth Fellowship (diaspora) and "Morning Star," sponsored by the Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Youth Association of the USA. The publishing staff consisted of Victor Hayduchok, Ludmila Kozliuk, Sergio Sauchuk, Nadia Tymciw and Daniel Pasiecznik. Coordinators were Rev. John Kovalchuk and Mark Chripczuk, president of the USA youth association. It was printed in Ukrainian and English.

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