The Harbuziuk family poses in 1957, when there were only five children -- (from left) Irene, Helen, Leela, Vera and Alex. This photo probably was taken in the home of Olexa's brother John, because Olexa and Sophia didn't own a television set until Alex was in the sixth grade.

Alex and Luba

The family gathers in the mid-1990s in the home of Luba and Alex Harbuziuk: (from left) Wayne, Elizabeth, Lee, Alex, Vera, Olexa, Sophia, Irene and Helen.

Hannah and Wayne

This newspaper article from 1977 is about Leela's husband.

* Helen is married to Phil, and they have two daughters and seven grandchildren.

* Alex is married to Luba Kalapuziak, and they have a daughter, Christine, and a son, David, and five grandchildren.
* Leela is married to Ray, and they have two daughters, Shauna and Lianne.
* Vera is married to Ken, and they have a son, Erik.

* Wayne is married to Hannah.

Ray and Leela. Olexa officiated at the wedding of his daughter Leela in September 1976.

FIVE SISTERS: (from left) Helen, Irene, Lee, Vera, Elizabeth. After Vera was born, the Harbuziuks had four daughters and one son. With four sisters, Alex begged his parents for a brother, and soon Wayne appeared on the scene! Alex was allowed to name his baby brother after his neighbor friend's younger brother. Later, Elizabeth was born to reach the lucky number seven.

50th anniversary celebration -- 1996. From left: Elizabeth, Irene, Helen, Sophia, Leela, Olexa, Wayne, Vera, Alex.

The birth order of the seven children of Sophia and Olexa Harbuziuk was Helen, Alex, Irene, Leela, Vera, Wayne and Elizabeth.

Olexa and Sophia's children

Rev. olexa  Harbuziuk Legacy

Пастор олекса Романович Гарбузюк