Rev. olexa  Harbuziuk Legacy

Пастор олекса Романович Гарбузюк

Worldwide youth fellowship

1984: The committee of the All-Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Youth Fellowship met in Philadelphia on November 24, 1984. From left: Peter Tymciw, deputy treasurer and magazine editor; Rev. Walter Sauchuk, coordinator; Paul Siery, member; Ivanna Pasiecznik, treasurer; Sergio Sauchuk, member of editorial board; Ruth Gordon, member of auditing commission; Leonid Maruschak, president of USA youth association; Janet Berkuta, co-editor of Horizons and editor of Morning Star; Walter Patrun, deputy secretary; Halyna Aleksiuk, member; Rev. Avdiy Chripczuk, president.  (Photo copied from "Horizons" - official bulletin of the AUEBYF)

During the 3rd world congress of Ukrainian Baptist youth, which was held August 20-25, 1979 at the Evangelical Baptist Camp in Ashford, Connecticut, Rev. Michael Gordon administers the rite of Christian baptism to his daughter, Ruth, while Zena Stadnyk and Oksanna Mackanyn await. Rev. Gordon was the coordinator of the congress. The congress was sponsored by the All-Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Youth Fellowship. (Photo copied from The Messenger of Truth magazine)

PHOTO BELOW: A crowd gathers at the shore to witness the baptism of three young ladies.