Rev. olexa  Harbuziuk Legacy

Пастор олекса Романович Гарбузюк

FOUR GENERATIONSSophia poses with great-granddaughter Eleanor, daughter Helen, great-granddaughter Beatrice and granddaughter Caroline.


FOUR GENERATIONS: Sophia poses with granddaughter Christine, great-grandson David, great-grandson Adam and son Alex.

The backyard was a nice spot for posing in May 2012 by three great-grandchildren of Olexa and Sophia: Adam (bottom), David and Alexander, along with their parents, Christine and Dave, children of Luba and Alex Harbuziuk.

Granddaughter Caroline and her husband, Ryan, hold their daughters, Eleanor (left) and Beatrice, in 2012. Calvin joined the family the next year, and Luke joined the family in 2015 to become the 10th great-grandchild of Olexa and Sophia. Martin was born in 2018 to round out the family.


Olexa and Sophia's daughter Irene is surrounded by some of her grandnieces and grandnephews during a gathering in the summer of 2013 at the home of Helen and Phil. From left are Olexa and Sophia's great-grandchildren Jonathan, Beatrice, Annalisa, Eleanor, Calvin, David and Adam. The other great-grandchild of Olexa and Sophia at the time was Alexander, who was living in California at the time of the photo.

Olexa Harbuziuk didn't live long enough to see any of his great-grandchildren. Sophia, who in 2023 is 94 years old, is now the proud great-grandmother of 16 great-grandchildren.

Budding artist? Great-grandson David poses with his painting at age 9.