Rev. olexa  Harbuziuk Legacy

Пастор олекса Романович Гарбузюк

An obituary about Olexa's father was written by Olexa's brother John and appeared in the "Messenger of Truth" magazine in the January - February 1964 edition ("Післанець Правди" ч. 1 - 2, 1964). You may notice that the correct dates of birth and death were hand-written at the top of the second column.

Brother John

John and Martha Harbuziuk

Sister Nadia Janiuk

   Many Ukrainian churches in the diaspora used the evangelical hymnal “Revival” (Євангельський Співаник Відродження) for more than 40 years.  The foreword contains the following sentence (translated from the Ukrainian language): “Acknowledgment also belongs to John Harbuziuk for his careful execution of the work on the printing press.”

   John Harbuziuk printed that hymnal, which was published in 1954 (containing 777 songs!), in the basement of the Ukrainian Baptist Church of Chicago, 1042 North Damen Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

    John was born January 7, 1925 in the village of Berehy near the city of Mlyniv in the Rivne oblast (province) of Ukraine. He fled his homeland during World War II.

   He and his wife, Martha, were married Nov. 8, 1947 at a Baptist church in Germany. A son, Lothar, was born in Germany, and a daughter, Darlene, was born in America nine and a half years later. Their life was enriched by four grandchildren. They were married for 63 years.
   In 1950, the family immigrated to America at the suggestion of John’s older brother, Olexa Harbuziuk, who already was the pastor of the Ukrainian Baptist Church in Chicago. John and Martha became members of that church. Later, John served in the church, including being leader of the youth group.
   John and Martha bought the Star-Lite Motel in Jacksonville, Illinois, in May 1972, and operated the tidy motel very diligently until they retired in 1991.
   John Harbuziuk was a very good and generous uncle to the seven children of Olexa and Sophia Harbuziuk from the time that both families lived in the same house – John on the second floor and Olexa on the first floor – on Wolcott Avenue in Chicago. 
   The nieces and nephews often visited their aunt and uncle and cousins in Jacksonville. Alex and Luba Harbuziuk even began their honeymoon at that motel in Jacksonville.  

   On December 11, 2010, John Harbuziuk passed into eternity to his Lord at the age of 85. The funeral was held December 14, 2010, at Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Illinois.

Nadia Janiuk was the only sister of Olexa. She moved from Ukraine to Poland in 1973. Later, she moved to America. She died March 30, 2006 at the age of 79 in Wheaton, Illinois.

Nadia Janiuk's family poses outside the home of Olexa and Sophia's daughter Irene. From left are Nadia's husband, Dmytro; their son, Leonid; and Leonid's sons.

Olexa's parents and siblings

THREE BROTHERS: When Oleksander Harbuziuk (center) traveled from Ukraine in 1979 to visit Illinois, Olexa drove him approximately 225 miles to Jacksonville, Illinois, where their brother John welcomed them at the motel he owned and operated – the Star-Lite Motel.

Olexa's parents, Maria and Roman, are seated in the photo above, which taken September 25, 1961. His sister, Nadia Janiuk, is standing at left, next to her husband, Dmytro. Next to him are Olexa's sister-in-law Raya Harbuziuk and her husband, Oleksander, and Oleksander's cousin Olya. Maria and Roman's grandchildren are Leonid Janiuk, Dolya Harbuziuk and Roza Harbuziuk. Olexa's father was born on April 20, 1888 in the village of Berehy and died April 21, 1963 in Berehy. His mother was born May 15, 1891 in Berehy and died May 5, 1967 in Berehy.

This family get-together took place during Olexa and Sophia's 1990 visit to Ukraine. Brother Volodymyr is behind Olexa, and brother
Oleksander is behind Sophia. Others are (from left) Tanya (Volodymyr's stepdaughter), Rosa (Oleksander's daughter), Anya (Volodymyr's wife),
Andriy (Volodymyr's son), and Lucy (Oleksander's daughter).

     Olexa had three brothers and one sister - John (1925-2010), Oleksander (1930-1999), Nadia Janiuk (1926-2006) and Volodymyr (1922-2012). All are now deceased.
    Oleksander was pastor of the Baptist church in Mlyniv (Млинів), Ukraine, from 1967 until his death on August 19, 1999 at the age of 69. Oleksander's son, Serhiy, is now the pastor of that church. Interestingly, when Olexa visited Ukraine in 1990, he had the honor of offering the dedicatory prayer for the new church building on October 14, 1990.

Olexa's father was the mayor of their village. Roman and Maria Harbuziuk pose on October 17, 1956 with their daughter, Nadia (at left), and daughter-in-law Raya, while holding their grandchildren Rosa and Dolya (Raya's children).

Olexa and Sophia visited a village church near Mlyniw along with an American preacher, Rev. Richard Sheuermann. Next to him is Olexa's sister, Nadia Janiuk. Behind Nadia is their brother Volodymyr. In front of him is Iryna (Roza Lishchuk's daughter). Next to Volodymyr is Dolya Volkova (Oleksander's daughter) and Dolya's daughter Alla. Behind Olexa is his brother Oleksander. To the left is his wife, Raya, and to the right is his granddaughter Zhanna (Rosa Lishchuk's daughter). This was in 1990 -- the only time Sophia visited Ukraine.