The photo above was published in 1967.  Olexa helped several members of the Ukrainian Baptist Church of Chicago find jobs at Automatic Electric Company in Northlake. Standing is Olexa's boss, Lou  Muhr (Louis A. Muhr Jr.). He attended the funeral. Mr. Muhr  died in 2006 at age 82.

Secular job  --  GTE Automatic Electric 

Rev. olexa  Harbuziuk Legacy

Пастор олекса Романович Гарбузюк

     Besides his involvement in religious ministry, which usually was volunteer work (except when he was paid during his two stints as pastor of the Ukrainian Baptist Church of Chicago), Olexa Harbuziuk worked for a living for 29 years at a company known as GTE Automatic Electric, a telephone equipment manufacturer.

     When Olexa started working there, Automatic Electric was located in Chicago. When the company moved to Northlake, Illinois, in 1957, Olexa moved his family to Elmhurst, only about three miles from work. Olexa eventually became supervisor of the control and clerical section of data processing operations.
     The job was an important part of Olexa's life. It allowed Sophia to stay home with the seven children. Olexa was a dedicated worker, and occasionally worked overtime.      

     He also helped several members of his church find jobs at the company. He even got his elder son hired for a summer job during college time, as well as his eldest daughter and his other son.

     Olexa retired May 31, 1983.