Rev. olexa  Harbuziuk Legacy

Пастор олекса Романович Гарбузюк

     Rev. Harbuziuk was an editor of the Messenger of Truth magazine (Післанець Правди, Pislanets Pravdy), published by the Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Convention / Ukrainian Missionary and Bible Society. He served as editor in chief from autumn 1975 to August 1981, then was associate editor from 1981 to 1997.

     The Rev. Dr. Lev Zabko-Potapovich (Лев Жабко-Потапович, 1890-1975) was editor-in-chief of the Messenger of Truth magazine (Післанець Правди) for many decades, first in Ukraine and then after World War II in America until his death on November 8, 1975.  The magazine was established in January 1927 in western Ukraine.

     Interestingly, Rev. Zabko-Potapovich served as secretary of the revision commission that worked on the translation of the Bible into the Ukrainian language. The Bible was translated by Orthodox Metropolitan Ilarion (Ivan Ohienko, Іван Огієнко) and printed in 1962.

The Messenger of Truth  /  Післанець Правди

Rev. Volodymyr Domashovetz became the assistant editor of The Messenger of Truth on December 13, 1975, and later served as editor in chief for many years. He was succeeded by Rev. John Kovalchuk. This photo of Rev. Domashovetz was taken in the home of Rev. Harbuziuk in Elmhurst, Illinois.

Notice the last line, where it lists the publisher as Rev. O. Harbuziuk.

Rev. Harbuziuk also edited a Christian magazine in Germany for a short while for Ukrainians who were displaced persons after World War II. He was editor from January 1948 until he immigrated to America in August 1949.

The Way of Truth / Дорога Правди