Rev. olexa  Harbuziuk Legacy

Пастор олекса Романович Гарбузюк

Rev. Harbuziuk and another man pose (at right) halfway up the stairs leading to the Sydney Opera House during one of his trips to Australia.


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Australia nature

The verdant flora of Australia offers a beautiful background for a photo of Rev. Harbuziuk and one of the "natives."

Newspaper article

This article appeared in "The Free Thought" newspaper in Australia on March 10, 1985 about Pastor Harbuziuk's visit. See the rest of the article below.

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Australia article

Message in Australia

Getting to know you

Olexa returned from Australia with a kangaroo coat! I don't know anything about the hat.

The 24th annual conference of the Ukrainian Baptist association in Australia was held in Perth.

Rev. Harbuziuk is standing with part of the congregation in
front of a church in Australia. He visited five Ukrainian Baptist
churches in Australia.

Pastor Harbuziuk was interviewed in the studio of radio station 2RDJ-FM in Australia in January 1985.

Rev. Harbuziuk visited Australia on two occasions. His first visit occurred from December 27, 1983 to February 7, 1984, during which he was the main speaker at the annual conference of the Ukrainian Baptist churches in Australia. He also traveled from church to church, visiting six churches and preaching 28 times. He spoke three times on the radio, and a Ukrainian newspaper printed a story about his trip. His second trip began December 26, 1984 and continued for five weeks, during which Pastor Harbuziuk preached 30 sermons. He spoke on two radio programs.

This photo was taken during the 24th annual conference in Australia that was held in Perth.

Rev. Harbuziuk visited the Ukrainian Baptist Church of Melbourne, Australia.
The congregation met in the building of the Coburg Baptist Church in the
suburb of Coburg.