Olexa prepared his only book shortly before his death. It was printed in Ukraine after he died. It was titled "Спасіння Вічне" (Eternal Salvation).

The words to the song at left are a poem that Olexa wrote: "Безмежна й велична Христова любов" (The boundless and majestic love of Christ). It was put to music using an existing American melody. It was included in the hymnal "Відродження" (regeneration or revival or renaissance) [published in 1954]. The poem was printed multiple times in magazines, including the front cover of "Післанець Правди" (The Messenger of Truth) in 1953. [at right]


Book, poems, sermons.

The book at left is a biographical novel about Olexa Harbuziuk written by a blind poet in Ukraine. The photo at right shows Alex Harbuziuk meeting with the author, Serhiy Rachinets, in Cleveland during one of his visits to America. The book was published in 2007.

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